Area 51 Pictures

     Please be patient while pictures load.  If you use an internet cache, you will only have to download these pictures once.  Special thanks to Joerg at for the pictures.  Stop by his site, it's well worth it.

Freedom Ridge Road blocked off

Vehicle Sensor

Warning Signs (South Side of Groom Lake Road)

Warning Signs (North Side of Groom Lake Road)

Tikaboo Trail

Tikaboo View

Groom Lake Road

B-2 Spirit in Groom Lake vicinity

The old guard shack for the north entrance

A bus transporting workers to Alamo

Security camera monitoring the border

1968 USGS satellite photo of Area 51

Groom and Papoose Lakes satellite photo

Security camera

1959 satellite image

A pictures taken of Kelly Johnson of Lockheed Skunk Works writing Area 51 on the A-12 schedual board

A nuclear cloud with Groom Lake in the foreground

The new guard shack at the north entrance to Area 51

The black mailbox (now white)

High resolution satellite image of Area 51 taken 1998

Warning signs

Picture of Groom Lake from Groom Mine taken a long time ago.

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